10 Signs You Are Smarter Than You Think

We all have the urge to understand how smart we are, but we all almost always fail at analysing it. Some of us over-estimate it while others under-estimate it, both being a negative attribute towards living a healthy life.
If we live a life thinking that we aren’t smart enough to do a particular job, we might never attempt it fearing failure. This can be a major blockage in growth forcing us to lead a life of unsatisfaction. Sometimes we might even lose hope due to not being able to lead a life that seems to align with our desires, but when the reality might be that we can achieve that life.
Here we will look at a few signs that we are smarter than we think, signs that we are underestimating our potential and just a little more self-belief could change our lives drastically.

You are Smarter Than You Think

Not smarter than average

This is a double-edged sword that we are living on. There is a strong possibility that we have underestimated ourselves. Yes, you might be correct at assuming your strength but the research of  Dunning-Kruger effect says that if you think you are not smarter than an average joe, then you have placed yourself on a lower bar because you have over-analysed your potential and put more focus on your faults than on your abilities. This would probably be a strong reason for you to re-calculate your position in the realm of intellect.


To empathize simply means to be able to put yourself in another person’s shoe and understand their emotions. If you can do this, then it is a major sign of high intellect. Empathy is one characteristic that everyone should try to achieve for a better life. Doing this is a major benefit in forming better relations with people for you not only know their life story but also understand it.


This probably is the most obvious of the signs. If you are able to think outside the box, come up with ideas that others were unable to or simply are able to paint a clearer picture in life or are good with art of any kind, then it is a strong indicator of greater intelligence, probably not the traditional kind of intelligence but intelligence none the less.


One of the key expressions of higher intellect is open-mindedness, not to say that orthodox individuals aren’t intelligent, but in general, open-minded behaviour is correspondent to higher intellect. An intelligent person usually wants to explore different aspects of life, wants to question their belief system and challenge it to find the true right choice for their mind. The ability to do so, to not be wavered by being proven wrong, is a sign of a strong mind.


Going hand in hand with our previous point, questioning and working on self-development is a key component of higher intellect. It works in both ways, your ability to work on yourself makes you smarter while also being a sign of smartness. If you focus on growth, you will grow and you are also exhibiting a sign of growth.

Both the above points can be simultaneously come together and present itself as a person who enjoys learning new things, which indicates higher intellect and creates a higher intellect as well.

These were strong points of higher intelligence while the ones mentioned below are more subtly signs of intellect, these aren’t always a sure sign but coupled with the ones above, then they make a good argument.

Enjoy Being Alone

Here, a person would enjoy spending time with their mind, not just wasting time but spending time doing something that challenges their mind rather than spends it with others doing nothing but chilling.


Intelligent people are known to be self-critical because they have higher standards for themselves. They would work on their project till they are satisfied with it, which is at a higher level than average. Things that would go unnoticed to an average person would not only be visible but also be a point of concern for someone being intelligently self-critical. This sometimes presents itself as over-analysing themselves, and back to our point above of working on their betterment.


If you find yourself thinking about things, spending time wondering about future or just thinking about an idea that struck you or you read about, then chances are that this is an indication of higher intellect. People with higher intelligence are known to spend time within their own mind. This is not always a sure sign, but coupled with the rest and this could be a good indicator.

The last two points that I wish to mention are very strong signs of intellect, these come in very rarely but when they do you should certainly check for other signs, and if you have been wondering about your intelligence then be sure, that you are not in the average lot.

High Self-control

This is a sign that can be seen in many forms, could be when you are the designated driver or could be when you want to read something that caught your eye while you were working. Being able to control your urges requires a lot of mental strength and ability to do so at will is a very good sign.

Ability to See Patterns

This is another obvious sign. If you see patterns in the things that are in front of you, like in the behaviour of people or the agendas of your government then you are looking at a strong sign of greater intellect. But the main concern is how accurate your pattern prediction is. Being able to see a pattern is a good sign but being able to see the right pattern is a strong sign of intellect.


After reading this, I won’t suggest that you self-analyse your IQ or EQ and lead with your life, but rather see the signs and contemplate, but if your life has been throwing signs at you and you still weren’t able to move ahead in life and think you need a serious re-calculation of yourself, then my suggestion is to take a trip to a therapist and let them guide you towards the understanding of self.

As Always – Thanks for Reading.