Tips for Improving Mental Health

Mental health is of key importance for everyone, whether you have a mental illness or not. Here we shall see a way of improving life and thus creating a better mental health zone for you. I have divided this article into three segments: Emotions, Routines and Habits, let’s have a look.


  • Be nice to yourself: This might seem obvious but it is something that most of us ignore. The idea here is to talk to yourself as if you are talking to a friend, as a mature person, you wouldn’t bully or berate your friend and rather would be genuine and sympathetic towards them during their difficult times or after a genuine mistake.
  • Reduce stress in life: Stress is known to be the source of various illnesses and keeping it under control can create a very positive impact in your life. I am not saying you can remove obstacles from your life which create stress but how much you let them impact your life is thoroughly under your control.
  • Develop Gratitude: Gratitude is an overlooked emotion, we think it is for others’ benefit but in reality it helps us realize how amazing our life is and how fortunate we are to have what we have. It helps us develop an optimistic outlook towards life.
  • Express Love: Love is an overlooked emotion, especially when it comes to Indian men, we are taught to be tough and expressing an emotion like love makes us soft. This is something that has to be unlearned and expression of love towards family and friends has to become a common practice. 
  • Practice forgiveness: Grudge is like a rope, the longer you hold on to it, the darker mark it leaves. Forgiveness is crucial in living life with a free mind. Mistakes happen and to let go of those is sometimes the only way to renew the relation and life for that matter.
  • Take time to laugh: Laughter can ease even the most difficult kinds of pain. Adding it to your life can create a very bright impact, everyday make sure to watch something funny and just laugh, create happiness, especially when life isn’t offering you any.


  • Create a sleep routine: Sleep is a part of our body’s natural rhythm, it helps us refresh ourselves so to say. Having a scheduled sleep is very important in maintaining that rhythm which indirectly helps us balance our mood-cycles. Having a 7-8 hour sleep helps rejuvenate and helps us perform at our optimum throughout the day.
  • Put the screens off at least 30 min before bed: By now it has become a common knowledge that blue light coming from screens is harmful for us, there are many apps to counter that but that isn’t enough. If you continue to engage your mind before sleep then it is going to be harder for you to fall asleep.
  • Eat Healthy and on time: Food habits can translate itself into many issues health wise as well psychologically. It could create self-image issues or it could lead to lack of focus in your work environment. Our body has its own clock and it’s helpful to not disturb it.
  • Practice deep breathing:  Breathing exercises have a calming effect on the mind and sometimes it can even help counter conflicting issues in our lives. Enveloping breathing exercise into daily routine can create a peaceful mind space.
  • Have an active lifestyle: If possible try walking or cycling to where you want to go, it has the benefit of creating a healthier lifestyle while also having a positive impact on the environment. If that isn’t possible then add a workout to your daily routine. 
  • Express yourself through a journal or a blog: Simply put it helps you organise your thoughts and emotions and helps you get ahead of any kind of mental illness that you may have. 


  • Get enough of Sunlight and Greenery:  Sunlight and greenery have a positive effect on our mindset, it can help us look at life in a more optimistic manner and it also adds freshness to our day.
  • Avoid alcohol and drugs: Alcohol and drugs have a negative impact in the long run, even though they feel pleasurable during consumption, they can lead to various psychological disorders, including but not limited to depression.
  • Follow a creative passion: We all do a lot of work in our lives, but we should always find time for ourselves. That means to do things that we enjoy, and following a creative passion could be one of those ways as it helps boost our productivity in other aspects of our life and keeps us in a happy state.
  • Connect with people in real life:  Social media has created a barrier between us and the real world. It is very important to have a face to face conversation with our friends and family, it helps us stay grounded and it helps us improve our emotional health by showing us the reality that is beyond the filters of the social media.
  • Help others and Seek help:  Help is a great way of connecting with people on a real level, it helps us feel humble and gracious towards the world around while helping others makes us realise our own worth and boosts our own confidence.
  • Experiment in life: A monotonous life is just that, monotonous. An experimental life adds various flavours to it, and for that you need not always spend money, find ways to spice up your life, by simple things like taking a different route while coming home from work or watching a show that is not in the ballpark of your regular viewing taste. This will help you have a vision that is broader than average and will work towards giving you various flavours in life.
  • Take trips:  Lastly, move out of your comfort zone, take a trip, even if it is a solo trip, do it. Travel creates a more open mind and the change of scenery is sometimes the exact thing that you need to gain some perspective in life, so never let go of those paid leaves that your office offers.

Thank you for reading, if you feel that this article may be of help to someone, do share it.