The Sane World in an ‘Insane’ Mind

The Men In The Mirror


He is a man who deals with life on his own terms, when life threw a curveball at him, he smashed it out of the park. But today he sits alone, enjoying the peace while still stirring the loneliness in his mind.
He meets a young biker, who has views which are not in sync with the society that they live in, but yet are acceptable to the world. The biker makes him think and question his own views, but he is a thinker in his own rights, he almost dissolves the biker in the river of his questions.
The conversation between the religious youngster and the nihilist man takes a journey from love to freedom, from God to self, the idea of self for someone with Bipolar…
But the bigger picture is who are they, why are they together and why does time keep repeating itself?

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