Common Symptoms of Depression

Feeling sad isn’t the same as being depressed, people loosely use both terms interchangeably and that is not right, nor is it fair to the people who are actually depressed. Everybody feels sad from time to time but being depressed has a lot more symptoms than that. Let’s go through some of the symptoms that might indicate depression.


Well, well, well; sadness is the first symptom of depression that we shall look at, even though this alone cannot be termed as depression. When the feeling of sadness is linked to an event, it is pretty normal but when this occurs without any specific reason and doesn’t seem to go away then it is a possible symptom of depression.

Emptiness / Hopelessness

Along (or standalone) with the emotion of sadness, if a sense of emptiness creeps in, where no matter how full your life is, you start feeling alone and see no hope; then it is a possible sign of depression. Sometimes life kicks us to the curb and at that moment these feelings are valid but here we are talking about the emotion creeping in without the event of life.

Worthlessness / Guilt

When you start feeling that there is no meaning to your existence, nor do you see any importance in existence, you start feeling worthless or you start feeling guilty for things that you might have done in the past or recent event for which you wouldn’t normally feel this way then this too is a possible sign of depression.

Irritation / Restlessness

When you start feeling more irritated for no reason or for something that you normally wouldn’t feel that way or you start feeling restless and nothing seems to calm you down, in a way it feels like an anxiety bout, then it is a possible sign of depression.

Loss of Interest

In this situation, you suddenly lose interest in things that you used to enjoy or even were passionate about. Nothing seems to entertain your mind; everything just feels like a filler of time between sleep.


When I say lethargy, I mean lack of energy to do anything, even things that would normally bring you joy. You might even find it difficult to focus on things, concentrating on things like reading and even watching TV becomes difficult.

Change sleep cycles

A common sign of depression is a change in sleep cycles. It could be either an increase or decrease in it or it merely could be a fluctuation with broken sleep patterns. Sometimes it could feel like you have slept but your brain was awake the whole time.

Change in Appetite

Food is a very clear indication of when something is wrong with our mind, we tend to eat less or more (this depends from individual to individual) during a depressive phase, some feel comfort in food while others might try and avoid it as much as possible.

Physical Symptoms

This is a lesser-known fact about depression, that it can come with physical pains like headaches or cramps in the stomach. Some even start having digestive issues and this could lead to the previous symptom of a change in appetite.

Suicidal Thoughts

Lastly, the more serious symptom of depression is suicidal thoughts and tendencies. When a person is depressed, they are more likely to have such thoughts based on the emotional changes that I mentioned above. These thoughts should not be neglected or taken lightly, they might be a recurrent thought without any action but one never knows when the action might occur, thus keeping a strong watch on such thoughts is very crucial.

If you are feeling the emotions or are going through the changes I mentioned above then it is important to take a professional opinion, you might need some medications or some therapy, just know that there is no shame in it, it’s a disorder just like any other.