Signs of a Toxic Relationship

Everyone deserves a healthy and happy relationship. In such a relationship, things just seem to work, problems don’t seem as tricky and bad times are shared just as are the good times. In these relationships, the company of your partner is something to look forward to, but with toxic relationships, things aren’t as bright, the things are just simply messy. If you feel consistently tired and exhausted after spending time with your significant and the emotions are more negative than positive, then it’s probably a time to change things.

In this article we shall take a look at specific indications of a typical toxic relationship, this in no way is an exhaustive list. So, here we go…

Self-centered and Self-serving

In these scenarios, all of their needs are fulfilled but yours are mostly ignored. You feel like a side role in their life and your life has lost its own individuality.

Jealousy of Success

Jealousy is not healthy in any kind of relationship, and when it comes to a romantic relationship, it’s highly detrimental especially if it’s jealousy of success. Here the partner is unhappy that you have moved forward in life and would rather have you stay in place and not succeed.

Unhealthy Communication

Communication is of key importance in any relationship, but when the only form of communication is either insulting or belittling then it’s time to introspect about the relationship and what you are losing by being in it.

Controlling Behaviour

Being a little possessive is fun in a relationship but when this possessiveness turns into a need to know every move and the urge to make decisions for you in terms of what friends you have or what your life looks like then it is a clear sign of toxic behaviour. Independence is of key importance no matter what relationship it is.


When the partner is unable to move on from small issues, when they keep on bringing up the issues and would consistently be upset over it and hold grudges for long, especially unnecessary kinds then it is a sign of toxic bond.


Trust is a key factor in any relationship, and when you find it being tossed around consistently, it’s definitely the time to reevaluate the relationship.


Just like trust, respect is also equally important and when you find yourself being insulted by their words or their actions, it is time to question the relationship.

Consistent Stress

A little strain here and there is common with any relationship, but when you find yourself consistently worried when you are around the significant other and there is a little room for you to breathe then it is time to think about what you are giving p to be in a relationship like this one.

Loss of Self

When you find yourself doing lesser and lesser things that you enjoy just out of fear that it might upset your partner, it’s a clear sign of losing oneself in the relation, for unhealthy habits, it could be a good thing but when it takes over your life, then you need to reevaluate the relationship.

Constant Judgement

When your partner consistently forms opinions about what you do and forces you to change based on those judgements, these judgements can be about what you wear, where you work, the kind of friends you have or anything for that matter, then it is time to create a change within the relationship.

Avoidance of Each Other

When you want to spend lesser and lesser time with each other, it is a clear sign of needing a change in the perception of what the relationship is.

Persistent Anger

Every person has the right to be angry when the situation arises, but when the anger doesn’t go away even when the issue has passed, it is a clear sign of a deeper issue.

Punishing Mindset

When your partner believes that you deserve his anger for things like expressing your mind or doing something that makes you happy or something that truly doesn’t deserve anger, then it is a sign of toxic behaviour.

Manipulative Behaviour

When you find yourself doing everything that the other person believes even when you had an opinion opposite to their opinion then you need to think whether you are being manipulated or did you actually change your opinions based on just sensible discussions.

What Should You Do?

Many assume that if one is in a toxic relationship then the only escape is to break it off, while this might be true in many cases but certainly not in all.

If both the parties are willing to work on the relationship and take external help if needed, then there is a possibility to save the relationship. One must look deep within and understand the issues and stop blaming one another. The toxic partner needs to accept that their behaviour is toxic for the other and the other has to be willing to move on from the past and look towards the future if they are willing to change.

BUT! If the relationship has moved from toxic to abusive, and there is not a fine line between them but rather a river of misbehaviour, then it is time to move on from the relationship and start the healing process.