How to make sure you keep your phone away?

In today’s digital age, the phone is a necessity, but sometimes this very necessity turns on us and becomes the devil that takes over our entire life. In this short article, I will tell you about 7 tips and tricks to stop your phone from being your master. So without wasting any more time, here we go:

Do Not Disturb (DnD) Mode

This is one feature I always enable when setting up a new phone, it helps me take charge of the time when I can be disturbed by various apps. I keep it such that I get no sound from any notification except for calls, that also I can select to available only to my ‘starred’ contacts or repeat contacts, but due to my business, I leave it at ‘Sound for all calls’. You can choose the duration of DnD or you can select manual Turn off. You can find this feature in ‘settings’ or drop down of the status bar.

Digital Well-being

This is one feature that is very important to understand the way we use our phone, this can be an important tool in parent’s toolbox to make sure that their kids don’t get addicted to their phone. Many Android phones come with this feature pre-installed, if not then there are many free apps available in the store. This app tells you exactly which app was used for how long and how many times was the phone unlocked, simple but effective way to take charge of what the phone gets used for and for how long.

Zen Mode

If the above apps are not enough for you, or even if they are and you still want that specific me time, then Zen mode is the way to go. It basically locks you out of your phone for a limited time and gives you access to only Calling and Camera apps. This is a very handy tool to make sure that you don’t use your phone.


So the above apps are to help you when you want them to, you have to choose the time of not being disturbed, but if you want something that takes the consistent ping of your phone and turns them into batches that get delivered to you at specific intervals, then Daywise is the app for you. On this app you can choose which apps will get batched and which will be allowed to deliver instant messages. You can also select how many times will these batches get delivered and at what time that will happen.

If you are finding the apps on your phone tempting, as they are designed to look beautiful and be accessed with ease, then your counter to that should be making the apps difficult to use. For this I have these suggestions for you

  • Indistractable launcher : For Android phone, we have the option of choosing our launcher. This is a simple text based launcher that minimizes distraction of having all the apps with their beautiful colours inviting us all day. On the home page you will have Calls, Task and four apps of your choice, rest all the apps will be on the second page in list, no icons(optional), no colors, just a simple list. The added bonus of the app is that if your phone has an AMOLED display, then due to complete black background, it will save you battery too.
  • This option is for the social media over-use; you don’t need to be addicted to know that you need to take time off social media. The simple way out for this is to take those apps that are designed to be addictive and chuck them out of your phone. But that doesn’t mean you dont have access to those apps, you still have the browser version. The difference being, the browser version aren’t as fluid and usually lack some features, this will create negative feedback loop making you not wanting to use the sites.
  • And last but not the least, use only one news app, my preferred one is Google news, but you can choose which ever you like; and dedicate specific time to reading news, don’t let every notification distract you.

And just like that, you can cut down your phone usage by a drastic amount in just one go.